Multi-Channel Lead Generation


Collective Leads provides high quality leads for a wide spectrum of products and services. We will work with your sales team to analyze leads and ensure greater market penetration.

Leads are important business prospects that can be converted into profitable sales revenue. Therefore, effective lead generation plays a vital role in business growth and profits. Naturally, the greater the number of hot leads, the higher your chances of success. Brand management, marketing strategies and advertising campaigns depend on lead generation for proper direction and more precise allocation of your resources.

We deliver tremendous value to clients; providing endless lists of potential customers is just not enough. Our experienced lead management program helps your sales team get right down to business by classifying leads according to potential and providing detailed information on the prospect’s background. We work with them throughout the sales process feeding them with opportunities they can cash in on.


our process


We spend time with the relevant sales and marketing personnel to ensure we understand the background of the project, the objectives of the campaign, the audience you are targeting, profile the prospect, the competition, the proposition you are making.


To demonstrate we have understood what we are being asked to do we document the brief in our own words making clear our understanding of the project and the objectives you want to achieve. This document is then sent to you for modification and final approval.

The set up

Back at Collective Leads, we allocate the appropriate resources and set up our internal systems with the available contact data. This could be data we have created on your behalf, or supplied by you or a third party. The researche team involved is thoroughly briefed by our account manager who might involve a client representative.


Call reports are sent out to you on a regular basis either manually or electronically. The contact data is continuosly updated as the work progresses.

Campaign summary

At the end of the project a comprehensive campaign summary is compiled and delivered to the client. This provides you with an analysis of the results and a management summary of the information gathered. The campaign summary is in itself a useful management tool which provides you with an indication of how your data is performing, as well as the overall response to your offering.


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