Data Append & Cleansing


Data cleansing is an essential element to maintain database hygiene and get maximum ROI from your marketing strategies.

Lead data is usually obtained from a variety of sources such as rented lists, sales people adding data, conference and trade show lists, events etc. Data from every source varies in the level of quality and lacking certain essential parameters. Hence unless the data is Appended and Cleansed right at the source or on a systematic periodic schedule, you can end up with a large amount of data in your CRM application that is just not correct or accurate enough to help you run campaigns or reports of any sort.

It is a known fact that email databases in every organization gradually decays every year due to recipients job change or location change. In order to roll out efficient email marketing strategies, one need to own a complete, correct, and clean database as it will deliver the maximum opens, CTRs, and qualified leads. Data cleansing (also known as Data Scrubbing) is all about deleting corrupt or outdated or improperly formatted or duplicate data and to rectifying incorrect data.

Data Identification and Upload

The client identifies the data which needs to be appended and sends to it to us.


We verify the details for delivery.


After the append process, the enhanced database is sent to our clients in any preferred format. This can be downloaded from our website or can also be delivered on a CD.

Matching and Enhancing

We match the client database with our master database and enhance it by adding missing details to the matched database.

Opt-Out (Optional)

This step includes sending the message to the E-mail addresses; this message generally provides the addressee with an option to continue receiving communication or opt out if they choose it.